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  The biggest at production, company of carpet washing in Europe!

Knowledge is our power!

Our target is always the perfect result of hygienically deep cleaning!

Cleaning Process, in its simplest and cleanest procedure:
• The Customer Care Manager is always at your disposal to arrange your appointment.
• Katsas’ trucks scour the city reaching your house at the period of time, we have arranged.
• Our experienced carpet technicians pick up your carpets.
• Each carpet is codified separately.
Washing is done in such a way that the carpet is not worn out and the procedure ends in a few minutes. Our detergents are approved and are suitable for wool and cotton, so that they care for and hygienically clean your carpets in depth. The contemporary washing machine measures, washes, brushes, rinses, removes fuzzes and takes care of your carpets leaving them spick and span!
Tumbling takes place in advanced centrifuge machines to remove unnecessary water.
• We place carpets on special hangers and leave them in the sun for sanitation for a certain period of time and then we put them in a safe naturally ventilated environment. Our staff integrates the washing procedure, by performing washing control and inspection
• Every carpet passes the phase of Quality Check and Packaging. The carpet is checked for the last time and if it is excellent, it is packed and stored. Our storing space constitutes the most safe and suitable environment to store your favorite carpets. They are kept neatly and safely, so that you can enjoy them hygienically clean in your house, until the day you will call us to arrange the delivery appointment.
• Your carpets are insured for theft or fire until the 20th December of every year.

Specialization is our power!

Always one step ahead of the competition, the machines we use for your carpets washing process achieve the perfect deep cleaning, ideal rinsing, totally removing soil, dust and soap remnants off the surface as well as off the carpets’ knots.

While competition still uses rotating brushes, which actually stir and compact the pile, and lead the dirt, deep down in the knots. We are the only ones who use cylindrical brushes in washing, which lift the pile of each carpet brushing it thoroughly from both sides.

Removing all the dirt and the dangerous mites and having achieved the perfect rinsing, which is the most important part of cleaning, we can safely take advantage of the power of the sun and its beneficial qualities. When the carpet stays in the sun its colors become more vivid and its positive radiation functions antibacterially, killing all the germs and the bacteria, hampering their re-appearance.

The sun is an invincible weapon for our health. Sun damages the carpets only if perfect cleaning is not achieved.

You will hear carpet cleaners arguing that carpets should not stay in the sun, because they become stiff and lose their color, and would rather dry them in the shade. That is misleading. Carpets lose their colors when they are not cleaned properly in depth. It is actually the remaining dust and dirt that make them acquire a yellowish color, while their pile stiffens, because it is not rinsed well and has soap remnants.

Experience is our power!

Dust removal by carpet shaking. That is a myth! Many companies suggest the use of so called “carpet shaking/vibrating machines”, devices that unsettle the carpet using palms and shaking it to remove dirt and dust off the knots. However, they do not succeed that much, because shaking loosens the carpet’s knots and damages its shape. In reality, they soften the weave in a way that even more dust and soil is stored in the knots of the carpet. We are the only ones who deny shaking because it actually ruins your carpets more than it benefits them. We achieve the perfect result of dust removal while washing your carpet!

Dry cleaning for carpets. That is a myth! All carpets, either woven in a machine, or handmade of the East, or contemporary hand tufted, can be washed as long as technicians know few secrets. We are aware of these secrets very well. Do not listen to those who favor dry cleaning. If you do, your carpet will be only seemingly cleaned.

New carpets are clean. That is a myth! Proper and hygiene washing is very important before you use your new carpets. Microorganisms and germs, which are transferred either from the countries of origin, or from other extraneous factors and must be eliminated so that you can relax and enjoy the coziness of your new carpet.

Choose Katsas to wash your carpets and enjoy relaxing with your children in the warmest piece of your home!